Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Crystal Cave of Sound


My deepest compassion, streams from my heart, for all that is called life, of which, we are all apart

I care and so share ~ Go to the crystal cave ~ Just ask ~

There is an inner FB that runs along side of this outer one. The inner one is very different in many ways. For me it is more real because one can feel. I realize out here we can feel for each other but on the inner there is so much more clarity and honesty.

The inner FB works with ones feelings, we connect not so much by our words, but how the heart feels...

I write because I am drawn to write

Like a moth drawn to its inner light

I cannot explain why or how for me it just is

"From the ashes of the heart’s desire, the inner child is born once more”

An inner FB book friend had posted a image of a crystal...

The crystal I can still see in my insight as I am writing; it appears to me as a crystal cave that I once knew.

The crystal cave emits sound like a tuning fork

I entered the cave and looked at the image of the crystal

It was as if the crystal spoke to me saying for me to share with another for them to go there

"Go to the crystal cave ~ One only has to ask to hear the sound within"

Under the crystals image on the inner FB,  I posted these words

That one only has to hear the sound from within

My love is real it is so very real

Many may not fully understand

All it is I am able to feel

There is no distance to what is me

Any distance felt is just not real

I write because, it needs to be

Some may seek to judge what they see

I ask for nothing in return

For all I do has been earned

I do not know why it needs to be

This stream of words that flows from me

I did not ask to feel this way

And yet this flow is here to stay

I’ve ask for nothing along the way

I am here to love as I can do

I am not here to judge any of you

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